Ramp for oil change or automotive lift: which one to choose?

The oil change ramp and the automotive lift are essential equipment in a workshop, as they are of great help to your team, in addition to adding quality and speed to service to customers who do not want to leave the car stopped for a long time. In order for you to know the specifics of each equipment and to know which is better and more suitable for your workplace, we have prepared this guide. Are you interested? View here for more info: best car ramp

The oil change ramp has its own characteristics, such as a remote control to facilitate the execution of services and allow the equipment to be operated by only one person, which is excellent for those with few employees in the company. It also helps to align vehicle wheels with wheel bases from 1,700 to 3,500mm and has a changeable rear that adapts to any type of computerized, digital, laser and optical aligner, in addition to having a free-wheel system with manual hydraulic jack and does not use air to raise the ramp.

The automotive lift is authorized by the main automakers. It has tubular and lowered arms, great for use in vehicles with a shorter ground clearance, with a rigid base and without loose parts, which contributes to reducing the risk of accidents at work. The elevator consists of two safety nuts: this prevents the trolley from being raised if the working nuts are worn.

Which is better for my workshop?

If you offer oil change services more frequently and for larger vehicles, your most appropriate option is the elevator. It will make it easier for the mechanic to work with its parallel platforms and tapered trays,designed for the oil drain. The drive with control can speed up the work of everyone even more, as already said, and thinking about the team is very important.

For oil change in light and utility vehicles, the ramp maybe the best option. In addition to the workshops, it can be used at gas stations and to exchange exhausts. One of its advantages is that they can replace the trenches, which guarantees a better use of the physical space of the establishment. And if you already have a car lift , it’s okay to buy one ramp as they can easily be coupled together.

Still not fully convinced? So come and discover some reasons to purchase this equipment!

Agility and more assistance

Good equipment can save hours of team work , as repairs are done much faster. With so much competition, you cannot afford to lose customers because of the delay in carrying out activities.

Modernity and organization

Technology is always an attraction with a difference. When the customer sees a well-equipped place, he feels more comfortable and confident that he is doing a good deal when hiring his services, after all,taking care of other people's cars requires a lot of responsibility and competence.

Imagine also that the workplace is in chaos: tools scattered everywhere, dirt, misuse of space, etc. Many customers don't like to go to places like that. The ramp serves to save space in the workshop, preventing the floor from getting dirty.


Both equipment's bring a competitive advantage to your company. This advantage implies a number of factors that make your customers prefer you over the competition. In an increasingly technological and competitive market, standing out is paramount to guarantee your success as an entrepreneur and earn your place at the top. Now you know the oil change ramp and the automotive lift , so it's time to assess which one is most suitable for your business and give your workshop an upgrade!